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3pc Clear Quartz Gua Sha Set

Gua Sha is a special massage practice taken from traditional Chinese medicine. Facial Gua Sha is the practice of gently drawing the tool in an upward and outward motion along the contours of the face to improve circulation, assist in lymphatic drainage, and promote healing.

Incorporate gua sha into any post-cleansing step in your skincare routine.


increase circulation
release muscle tension
reduce fine lines, dark circles and swelling
improves collagen and skin elasticity
promotes lymphatic drainage

How to use: Making sure you have a freshly washed / cleansed face, apply a hydrating serum or face oil onto the skin. This will allow your tool to glide across the skin with ease. Hold the gun sha flat, apply light to medium pressure and movements should be slow and mindful. Starting with your neck, gently run the stone in an upwards motion. Repeat this 5 to 10 times, then move on to your face, slowly working from the center outward in zones (chin, cheeks, forehead) repaying 5 to 10 times. Best results will be achieved through prolonged and consistent use.

Wash your tool after each use and store properly.

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